Our Mission

CompanyOur Mission

Luxury Feeds from Superb Craftsmanship

Woosung who is making the best quality of feeds in pursuit for perfection builds the self-esteem of livestock and fishing industries.

Woosung, our company producing and sales of food and fodder,
has been raised as a global company leading related industries
and with the correct values and thoroughgoing commitment to constant
study on the efficientutilization of all available resources, we’ll give
back to investorsthe profits and pleasure, to our employees the rewards
and happiness, to customers a profits and satisfaction, for
creating healthful and prosperous future.

Woosung has been overcame all challenges and experience in 40 years of long history since we’ve been through this together with the ownership mind and the will to act.

For our goal to leading livestock industries, Woosung founded in 1968 moved ahead with development of backward livestock facilities and introduction of advanced management system for systematic business environment as a largest assorted feeds manufacturing company in Korea.

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