Contribution for Public WelfareMain Activities

우성문화재단 : 우성문화재단은 지난 2009년 사회와의 상생을 통해 기업성장을 꾀하고 사회적 기업으로써의 책임과 의무를 다하기 위하여 설립되었습니다.

Under our mission "Share the hopes with love", we are fully
supporting the educational efforts to young talent and public welfare
business to isolated neighbors sharing with love. Most of all, the volunteer
service, which our employees are voluntarily participated in, aids to popularize
the distribution culture to local community.

Woosung Culture Foundation will make the beautiful world with hope and love through
various distributions and supporting those activities for the future.

Scholarship&Research Supporting Program

  • Scholarship Program
  • Financial support to academic study

Public Welfare Support

  • Volunteer service "Scoop rice in love's bowl"
  • Bazaar campaign for distribution
  • Volunteer service to isolated neighbor's places
  • Funraising for disaster area

Culture, Art&Physical Training

  • Financial support to sports
  • Financial support to local culture&art festivals