Fish Farming Program

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Marin fishes

제품의 특징

  • Use of fish meal with good digestibility
    • There are various grades of fish meal according to a) type of fish, b) manufacturing methods, or c) part of the fish used in the manufacturing process.
      Woosung Feed only uses fish meal, in which the raw materials have passed the highest grade quality evaluation.
  • Product quality depends on the manufacturing process
    • The use of good quality ingredients doesn’t always result in a good quality product. A product can be inferior due to the use of old manufacturing facilities or old manufacturing technology. At Woosung Feed, we produce high quality feeds, with qualified raw materials and the accumulation of advanced technology on an E.P. production system.
  • SOFT-EP product
    • Not only are our products visually appealing, they are also soft to increase digestibility and preference of fish indicating their customizability to fish type and their preference.
  • Enhanced growth
    • This product provides the energy required by fish to accumulate protein in maximum amount, from the provided supply of high-quality fat and includes enough vitamins and minerals to promote the growth of farmed fish.